Protein Absorption

Protein Absorption

Enzymes help break down the proteins that we consume into amino acids and reduce bloating caused by incomplete protein digestion. Aminogen helps improve protein digestion with vegetable-derived proteins that help break down protein chains into essential nutrients so your body can better attain better protein absorption.*

Some key benefits in Herbalife’s Aminogen for better protein absorption and why it’s another essential Herbalife product to add to your daily diet.

  • Support the breakdown of protein*
  • Promote lean muscle mass*
  • Aid the absorption of essential nutrients*
  • Better protein digestion

Herbalife products are designed to enhance and work synergistically with one another so your protein absorption product works together to help you attain better health and weight loss. Like all Herbalife products, Aminogen for better protein absorption is guaranteed for 30 days, so you can start your weight loss today risk free!

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