Metabolism Booster

Metabolism Booster

Total Control is a metabolism booster that helps to build energy and alertness and helps you to burn more fat for quicker weight loss results. This effective metabolism booster is a blend of high-quality tea extracts and ginger.

There are many things that can affect the speed of your metabolism. You need to boost your metabolism to effectively lose weight. Using Herbalife’s metabolism booster is an important step that can help to get your metabolism going at a better rate so that you can burn fat, have more energy and experience faster weight loss. Don’t try those fad diets that don’t work. Try Herbalife first!

Some common problems that make this metabolism booster an essential in your daily diet:

    • Age- As we get older our metabolism naturally begins to slow down
    • Having Kids- Albeit the blessings that they are, those changes that occur during pregnancy can really take a toll on our bodies
    • Poor Diet- Bet you saw that one coming
    • Lack of activity-which tends to lead to even more of a lack of activity
    • Stress
    • Other lifestyle choices like alcohol and smoking


There are foods that can act as a metabolism booster, the problem is the increase in metabolism is much smaller than you may think, hardly enough to make a difference at all. You need a powerful metabolism booster like Herbalife Total Control.

Like all Herbalife products, Total Control metabolism booster comes with a money back 30 day guarantee. So you can start your weight loss today risk free!

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