Herbalife Antioxidants



Herbalife offers several products that contain antioxidants. Antioxidants are important to a healthy immune system, and have shown in studies  to help prevent premature aging. Antioxidants support the body’s natural defense against oxidative stress.

Oxidative damage has been implicated in the cause of many diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. It has also been shown to have a major impact on the way your body ages.

One example you can think of is an apple. Once you slice an apple the oxidative process begins immediately and you start to see that apple slice turn brown fairly quickly. The cells begin to die or become damaged. In the case of our bodies, many or even most of our cells regenerate but over time we end up with too many damaged cells called free radicals.

The reason for this is that one free radical will try to steal electrons from another healthy cell to stabilize itself and set off a chain reaction of damage to other healthy cells. Antioxidants help to replace the missing electrons and help to balance these cells.

There are many things including genetics, your environment and diet that will affect your overall health and well-being but  if adding antioxidants to your diet may help your body help itself to operate at your optimum level. Why wouldn’t you?

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