Herbal Diuretic

Celluloss is an herbal diuretic that helps your body get rid of extra water weight. Incredibly you could be holding onto an extra 5 lbs in water weight.

Often water retention can express itself with a feeling of being bloated as well as causing a puffy look in your face and other body parts.

* Supports the appearance of healthy skin.*

* Supports your body’s natural detoxification through the kidneys, and healthy activity of the urinary tract.*

* Supports healthy elimination of water.*

* Helps maintain electrolyte balance and a healthy pH level.*

* Kosher Certified


Herbalife Celluloss herbal diuretic is a natural blend of herbs including corn silk, parsley, dandelion and asparagus which has been traditionally used to support healthy elimination of water.*

You need a powerful herbal diuretic like Herbalife Celluloss. Like all Herbalife products, Celluloss herbal diuretic comes with a money back 30 day guarantee.

So you can start your weight loss today risk free! Herbalife Celluloss is a natural diuretic using diuretic herbs to help you release excess water weight easily.

Take these as diuretic supplements daily in combination with the other fantastic Herbalife products to increase your weight loss.

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