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Snack Attack!

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Need to Lose Weight? Need some great tips?

Watch out for the snack attacks. It is very easy to justify what you eat when you are snacking. When you are exercising sometimes you may think it’s ok to eat more in a snack because you will work it all off. A peanut butter cup here, a few chips there, something small, no real harm done right?

The problem is those are not healthy snacks even if you are exercising, you could still be putting yourself and your weight loss at risk. If you ever stop exercising you will still have those old eating habits, you will gain your weight back and once you gain your weight back, there is a good chance you will gain more then you had originally lost.

It’s ok to ” cheat” once in a while but make sure you are not doing this everyday. Its a really bad habit to get into and you may just start to open the door for more unhealthy eating at meal time. Even worse if you a re trying to lose weight those empty calories are replacing any that you would have lost.

Try to find snacks that you really do like but that are healthier for you. If you like to eat cookies try granola bars, the flavors and brands have drastically changed over the years and you can now get fairly healthy granola bars that you will actually like. Yogurt is another good choice. Often, fruits or vegetables don’t sound appealing but once you begin to eat them you realize how tasty they really are and what a great satisfying snack they make. Making good snack choices now will help you lose more weight keep it off in the future.

If you need help with your diet, Herbalife offers several weight loss programs that can help you lose the weight, getting your body good nutrition and we even have tasty good for you snacks to curb your appetite when your having a hard time. For more information visit

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Chromium Supplements

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Chromium is an important nutrient involved in the metabolism of glucose. Simply put chromium is needed for energy. It is a key component in the synthesis of fats, cholesterol and proteins. Chromium helps to maintain stable blood sugar.

The Average American diets is chromium deficient. The reason for this is that the form in which chromium is available in foods is generally not easily absorbed. For this reason many turn to chromium supplements. A deficiency in Chromium can lead to

  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Glucose Intolerance
  • Poor metabolism of amino acids

Taking chromium supplements may help to promote lean muscle mass and fat loss. Which is another reason chromium supplements have become so popular.

When you consume too many carbohydrates, your body often experiences a sudden increase in blood sugar and insulin levels, which causes it to store fat.

Gymnema, a key ingredient in Snack Defense, helps decrease the rate of which your body absorbs glucose. Herbalife combines chromium with Gymnema and together, these help the body by allowing insulin to perform its function, thereby increasing cell-absorption of glucose.